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How to Place Your Wifi Router in the Ideal Spot

Welcome to your new home or apartment! We’re sure the first thing you’re looking to do is set up your wifi router so you can take pictures of your new digs and upload them to social media.

Not so fast.

We’re here to tell you that there’s actually a science behind where to put your router in order to maximize it’s range throughout your home.

Where to Place Your Router for Ideal Wifi Connection

  • Choose a Central Location. Think about which room you’ll be spending the most time in. If you use a laptop of cell phone more in the living room, then it’s best to place it there. Just be sure the router is within site.
  • Steer Clear of Metal Objects. Placing your router in the kitchen (which often houses many metal objects) is not the best spot as metal interferes with the electromagnetic waves.
  • Avoid Concrete & Brick Walls. Your home may have a concrete or brick wall separating two or more rooms, if this is the case, you may want to consider purchasing two routers for the best connection.
  • Install In a High Place. Wifi waves are emitted more efficiently when they are installed in a higher place. If you have a bookshelf, place the router on top of it. Or even better if you can mount it to the top of your wall this is even more ideal to get a better connection on both floors.
  • Avoid Setting Up Near People. Although unfortunately the Boston area is quite crowded so you can’t avoid people, you can certainly try to set up your router in a room that doesn’t get a high volume of foot traffic.

Now that you have your ideal wifi router spot picked out, it’s time to get everything hooked up so you can actually get online and start bragging about your new home. For further assistance with all your moving and packing needs, contact Mastodon Moving today!

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