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How To Pack & Prepare Your Kitchen For Moving Day

When  it comes to packing up your home, there are some rooms that you will find much easier to pack than others — and your kitchen will not be one of those easy rooms, trust us.  In order to be fully prepared for the movers to arrive, it’s important to tackle your kitchen as early as possible after you’ve set a moving date. Below are a few tips on how to pack and prepare your kitchen.

How To Pack Your Kitchen

  1. Before you even go out to purchase packing materials, first sort through all of your kitchen items to determine what will be going to your new home. Create a donation, keep, and toss pile and make sure those items destined for the garbage or a local donation organization are moved out of your house as soon as possible.
  2. Next, head out and purchase some moving boxes and other packing materials and start with the items you know you won’t be using between now and the time you move. These could include seasonal items such as cookie cutters or other holiday-themed serving platters and wine glasses, as well as rarely-used small appliances such as a crock pot or rice cooker.
  3. As moving day approaches, it’s time to pack an “essentials” box. This box might include a few cups and dishes as well as a pot and frying pan that you can use the last night in your existing home or the first night in your new home. Don’t forget to include the dish soap, a dish towel and the coffee maker!
  4. The night before your more, pack up the rest of the kitchen and be sure to label all of your boxes. Don’t forget that the bigger the box, the more items you are likely to put in it, which in turn means a heavier box to lift. Try to put heavier items in smaller boxes so that they are easier to transport. We also recommend putting similar items together, such as pots and pans in the same box, cutlery and tableware in the same box, pantry items in the same box… etc.
  5. Finally, on moving day, it’s time to tackle the large kitchen appliances. If no one is moving into your existing home right away, then it’s important that you properly turn off all kitchen appliances to prevent accidents and to avoid utility bills in the future. You should also have a couple coolers at the ready and a bag of ice in order to transport all of your refrigerated items.

A Few Things To Consider

After you’ve set a moving date, it’s time to contact a professional moving company. Don’t forget that you can also opt for packing and unpacking services to make your moving process much easier. At Mastodon Moving, we’re here to tackle that kitchen so you don’t have to! Request a moving estimate online or give us a call at 774-421-9004.

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