How to Pack a Dining Room Like a Pro

When we’re faced with the task of moving, we often think about all the heavy wood furniture, queen-sized mattresses, and hundreds of pounds of clothes that need to be securely loaded into a moving truck. But actually the most daunting and difficult items to move aren’t necessarily the heaviest; in fact, the one room that is guaranteed to take the longest time to pack up is your dining room.

Packing China & Glassware

Take it from the professional movers at Mastodon Moving LLC when we say that you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to packing up your china and glassware — you’ll regret not using sufficient padding when you realize you’re unwrapping shattered family heirlooms. Here are some simple steps to follow in order to ensure a safe moving journey for dining room items.

  1. Wrap items individually. Wrapping each crystal wine glass and china plate will create a cushioned barrier between the items in the box. We recommend using bubble wrap, foam or packing paper. Place your item on one corner and wrap diagonally to the opposite corner, making sure to tuck in the edges as you wrap. Don’t forget to fill any extra negative space in the box with newspaper to avoid shifting.
  2. Sectioned/celled boxes. We cannot stress this point enough! Box companies create celled boxes for the purpose of placing stemware in them, so be sure to use them to your advantage. These boxes add both durability and protection during transit and, using the wrapping method above, you can rest assured knowing your crystal won’t break. Note that you should not stack items on top of each other.
  3. Fill the voids. If you’ve filled up all the cells in the boxes, be sure to add either more bubble wrap, packing paper or newspaper to the top and bottom of the item in order to avoid shifting. We advise against using Styrofoam packing peanuts because these tend to give way too easily. We highly recommend adding a cushioning layer to the bottom of each box for added protection.
  4. Label methodically. Be sure to label every box so that you know exactly what’s in it. Trust us, during the unpacking process you’ll be thankful that you labeled everything clearly. If you insist on packing up your belongings before your moving company arrives, they too will thank you for the labeled boxes as they will be able to quickly determine what room each box belongs in. An example of a clear label would be “Dining room: crystal wine glasses – long stems.” Feel free to write “This side up! ^” or “Fragile!” on the box as well so your movers know what they’re handling.

Packing Other Dining Room Items

Not including the dining room table, chairs and chest of drawers, there may be other items in your dining room that are also fragile or need extra care to pack. Have a Persian silk rug? Our movers always roll up the rugs (carpet side in) and secure them with plastic wrap and heavy duty rubber bands. Silverware should remain in whatever chest or storage case they came in to prevent shifting, while lamp bases and shades should be encased in tissue paper.

At Mastodon Moving LLC, our specialty is handling high-value items such as large mirrors, paintings, statues, vases and chandeliers. These take extra care to pack and will often require their own separate, custom-made crates or boxes. If you don’t want to risk the damage of your high value items, we highly recommend hiring a full service boutique moving company to get the job done for you.

With everything else you need to do to get your family ready for a move, we understand that you may not have the required amount of time it takes to properly pack up a dining room — or the rest of your home for that matter! If this is the case, contact our Ashland MA-based moving company today for an estimate on your next home move.

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