How to Move Your Wine Collection

We all have priorities when it comes to what items take more care to pack; for some, it’s the family heirloom furniture, for others it’s the china set, but for those select few: It’s the wine collection.

But perhaps the last time you moved you didn’t have such a large wine selection, and now you’re stuck with the daunting task of packing dozens of bottles you’ve so carefully collected over the years. Because our professional movers at Mastodon Moving LLC have plenty of experience with packing and unpacking all sorts of items, we’ll let you in on a little secret on how to correctly pack up your wine collection!

Packing Materials Needed.

  • Cell boxes – can be purchased from a liquor store or moving supply store (or through us at an affordable price!)
  • Newspaper or bubble wrap – You can start collecting newspapers a month in advance, or purchase bubble wrap at a shipping supply store.
  • Packing peanuts – You’ll want this in order to fill the gaps in the boxes
  • Tape – Packing tape is the best to use here; it’s strong and doesn’t leave any residue.

The Packing Process

  1. Wrap all off your wine bottles individually with the newspaper or bubble wrap. Place each bottle diagonally at the corner of the newspaper and roll across as you fold in the excess.
  2. Before placing the wrapped bottles in the box, add extra cushioning in the form of cardboard or extra bubble wrap. Then place one bottle per cell into the box.
  3. Make sure all extra space is filled with those packing peanuts in order to prevent the bottles from rolling around. Shredded paper also works.
  4. Don’t forget to label the box! Indicate with arrows which side up the box should be carried — and always label in bold letters that the box contains fragile items.

When to Call Mastodon Moving LLC

If you find yourself whining about having too much wine to pack, then this is a sign that you may need a few extra hands. If you’ve already called us for moving services, let us do the packing and unpacking job for you so that you can focus on other things — such as finishing those already open bottles. Contact our full service moving company today for an affordable moving estimate!

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