How To Move Electronics

If you’ve moved a few times in your life, you’re probably a pro by now at packing books, toys and even fine china and chandeliers. It looks like you’ve got everything packed up and ready to go — except the large flatscreen TV, speaker system, printer, desktop computer and laptops. In other words: you still need to pack all of your electronic devices.

Not sure how to even begin packing electronic devices (putting your smartphone in your back pocket doesn’t count!) for your next move? Our full service Boston moving company is here to give you a few pointers.

What to consider before packing electronics

First things first, you need to consider how large each device is and into what type of vehicle it will be going for the move. If you’re hiring a moving company with spacious moving trucks equipped with padding, then leave it up to the moving company to safely secure it in the truck. If you’re moving electronic by yourself, then you’ll need to take extra precautions to make sure each device is secured properly and won’t shift if you make a turn or hit a bump in the road.

Also it’s important to consider how fragile each device is. Large plasma TVs are fragile in the sense that if anything is pressed up against the screen it could leave a discolored puncture when you turn it on again. Laptops, on the other hand, conveniently have a shell-like exterior that protects the screen, so you won’t need to wrap that in 5 layers of bubble wrap as you would a desktop monitor.

How to pack your electronic devices

  • Packing TVs: Pack a television like you would a piece of artwork. At Mastodon Moving LLC, our specialty is packing and unpacking high value items, and this often includes TVs. If you don’t have the original box the TV came in, then our professional moving crew will create a customized wooden box for it, equipped with internal padding to protect the edges.
  • Packing Computers: Desktop computers are tricky, but luckily most computer towers will fit in a standard-sized moving box from companies such as Home Depot. Just be sure to wrap it first in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Monitors should also be wrapped in bubble wrap. Ensure there is a layer or two of bubble wrap between both tower and monitor if they are going into the same moving box.
  • Packing a Pinter: Depending on the size of your printer, you may or may not need a customized box to put it in. An average workstation printer should be able to fit into a standard moving box. We recommend taking the ink cartridges out and placing them in a ziplock back just in case. Also be sure to remove any paper from the tray. For those with industrial-sized standing printers, it’s best to contact a professional moving company to wrap that up.
  • Packing Speaker Systems: There are so many different types of speaker systems out there. If you have desktop speakers, those can be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box alone or placed on top of less fragile items in the same box . For those with standing floor speakers, securely wrap them in bubble wrap then packing paper and lay them on their side in your car’s trunk.

Be sure to always have a twist tie handy to wrap up any loose cords so you or your moving company isn’t tripping on anything. This could either cause damage to your devices or to the people carrying these items. However, it’s a good thing Mastodon Moving LLC is a fully insured moving company! Contact us for a free estimate on your next move.

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