A photograph of boxes sitting in the living room of an apartment on move-in day.

How to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be a very planned out affair or a total mad dash. Regardless of either scenario, the situation can be a little overwhelming. Once the moving process is said and done, however, you’re left with an empty apartment and a bunch of boxes. When moving into a house, you can really go all out in your new setting. You can paint the walls any color you’d like, renovate the space, and install whatever suits your fancy. When living in an apartment, though, you’re a bit more limited. If you’re left scratching your head at how to make your new apartment a home after moving in, check out a few of our suggestions.

Unpack ASAP

Okay, this is pretty obvious, we get it, but you wouldn’t believe how many people let boxes of items kick around for months after move-in day. Do yourself a favor and unpack everything as soon as possible. Having all of your things spread about your new space will immediately give it that homey feeling it desperately needs. Get the big things out of the way first, like furniture that needs assembling for example. This way, you can use the furniture to map out your space and give yourself a game plan on how to tackle the rest of your stuff. Also, since we live in a digital world, get your wireless internet promptly set up along with any other necessary devices.

Get Your Bathroom Set Up

Getting all your toiletries set out in a new bathroom can be strangely satisfying. So, get your bathroom prepped for use soon after arriving at your new apartment. By doing this, you’re ensuring shower ease for the first several days after moving in. Realizing you don’t have a necessary product mid-shower can really kill the cleanliness vibe, so save yourself from hopping out of the shower and digging for your shampoo while soaking wet, and get your bathroom primed for use shortly after moving in.

Settle in With Some Tunes

Motivating yourself to unpack everything you own can be a tall order, so get yourself going with some of your favorite music. With a set of speakers and a library of your favorite grooves, you can set your mind to just about anything. Approach unpacking your belongings with a plan and before you know it, you’ll be jamming your way to a fully furnished place. Just don’t break anything while bopping around!

Moving into a new place can make you feel briefly displaced even if you’re in the same city. The solution, while obvious, is to get yourself unpacked as quickly as possible. Nothing can weigh down your mood upon returning home from work more than having cardboard boxes sit in various places for weeks on end. Keep the productivity train rolling upon arriving and you’ll be feeling at home and cozy in no time.

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