How to Avoid Accidents When Moving During the Winter

Wintertime can be a tricky time of the year to move. Although moving rates can be more affordable during this time, snow, sleet and ice can pose an issue for relocating. The cold temperatures can damage your belongings, and that atmosphere isn’t ideal for exposed fingers and limbs.

While winter isn’t the absolute perfect time to move, you may not be faced with much of a choice. If you have to move during the colder temperatures, consider these safety factors to keep you injury free and warm:

  1. Proper packing will help to insulate your items from the cold – we can pack or you can!
  2. Floor coverings are a major part of safety in the winter, especially with ice and salt found on every sidewalk. You don’t want to be tracking salt into your new and old home, as this can leave your floors looking white. This white dust adds an extra step for you – as you’ll have to clean it before you depart.
  3. On moving day, make sure there are no obstacles on the way in and out of the new and old homes, as you don’t want yourself or your movers to be dodging things quickly and ending up in the snow.
  4. Dress properly. Make sure to wear boots with a good grip, thick gloves and jackets. You will most likely end up warm from moving things back and forth but when you are outside in the cold, it can be tough to grip a box for a long time with stiff fingers.
  5. Lift things properly and try not to carry heavy items around for a long period of time. Don’t raise heavy items over your head, as this can strain your neck and shoulders. Push items when you can!
  6. Don’t rush it! Take the move slowly and take breaks for hot drinks and rest.

Lastly, be careful on the road! Snowy conditions are dangerous without a full car of your possessions, so be careful and watch your speed on your route. We highly recommend not taking the risk and moving on your own during the winter months due to the chances of breaking either your possessions or a part of your body. Instead, contact our Boston moving company at 774-421-9004

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