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How Mastodon Moving moves Antiques in Weston MA

Moving antique items can be very tricky! In a recent move in Weston, Mastodon Moving LLC handled furniture that was brought over to Boston on the Mayflower from centuries ago. These items are worth thousands and most likely carry a lot of sentimental value.

How we can help Weston residents move their prized possessions

If you are moving in Weston, MA and have many antiques in your home, we are here to help! You should avoid moving antiques by yourself, and look to hire a full service moving company that will provide you with pads and boxes to keep fragile items safe.

How to prepare for your move

Before you move, you will want to have the item appraised. Document every piece of the furniture, just in case anything is put back together incorrectly, or you have already scratched the piece as normal wear and tear.

Review your moving plan with your company, to be sure that your furniture is protected in case of damage during moving. Mastodon Moving provides moving insurance to be sure that all of your items are packed safely and transported gently.

Clean the antiques – but check with your local hardware store to be sure you are using the correct products.

Then, let us pack your pieces for you. We will wrap and pad all items to be sure that they remain cushioned during the moving and unpacking process.

When you arrive at your destination, do an inventory of all items to be sure that you have everything with you and nothing is lost or broken.

One of the many benefits of using a full service company is that we will pack, unpack and organize your new and old spaces.

If you are thinking about a move in Weston MA but are worried about your prized possessions, Mastodon Moving will help keep your items safe.

Contact us today for an estimate, and let’s get you on the move!

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