How Far in Advance Should I Schedule a Move?

May is one of the busiest moving months of the year; college students are graduating and need to move either back home or to a new job. Many families move around this time as they want their young children to finish up the school year first. In all, an estimated 14.2% of the US population moves every year.

Because May is the start of the “moving season,” many professional moving companies are getting booked up. Here’s what you need to know regarding how far in advance you should schedule your move.

Is There Such Thing as Scheduling Too Early?

Not at all! In fact, the more advance notice you give your children’s teachers and your employers the better. Don’t overdo it and schedule the move a year in advance, but three months’ time — depending on your career — is a general target. When calling a full service moving company, be sure there is no non-refundable deposit you might get stuck with.

When to Hire a Moving Company

Booking a professional moving company early means you can start to collect free moving estimates and compare companies. Start looking at least four weeks in advance. First, it’s important to decide how much moving help you need. With a full service moving company, you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Booking Tips to Keep in Mind

Note that many people schedule their move for the first of the month, or the first or last weekend of the month. In Boston, many college students and young professionals who don’t own homes yet will often move on the first of the month in accordance with popular rent policies. Besides May, August is another popular moving month as most families will move either after the end of the school year or before the new school year starts.

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