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How Do I Move Heavy Furniture?

Moving is never easy, and it gets increasingly more difficult when heavy objects are involved. If you’re lucky enough your furniture may come apart in pieces and is, therefore, more easy to move. However, many antique furniture pieces, artwork, and statues cannot come apart.

Mastodon Moving is here to give you a quick How To lesson when it comes to moving furniture.

Moving Furniture Using Floor Sliders

Furniture sliders may not be the go-to method, but it’s certainly the technique that requires the least amount of effort. Purchase floor sliders at a home goods or hardware store, then place the sliders underneath each leg of your couch, bed, or table. Be sure to get the right floor slider for the surface you need. These sliders will also protect hardwood floors and carpets.

Using a Shoulder Dolly

Just like normal dollies that one might use to take moving boxes from the home to the moving truck, shoulder dollies also offer added support when lifting and moving heavy objects. Keep in mind that the dollies work best when you don’t have to move anything up or down stairs. The best part about shoulder dollies is that they take the load off your lower back and transfer the weight to your shoulders.

Moving Blankets

If you can’t find any floor sliders, your best alternative is moving blankets, towels, bed sheets or rags to move your furniture. Simply stick the blanket under each leg of the piece of furniture in question and tug the blanket towards you — don’t push it away or the furniture will slide over the blanket. We recommend having another person help with this.

Hire a Moving Company

Still uneasy about moving on your own? Contact Mastodon Moving for home moving services in Boston, Ashland, Natick, Newton and surrounding areas. Our crew works quickly to determine the difficulty each item will be to move and we’ll take steps to ensure there is a solution to get it from your existing home to your new home.

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