Have No Fear Packing That Crystal Chandelier

Your chandelier is the highlight of your kitchen or dining room — and you’d like to keep it that way in your new home. In order for it to once again hang from the ceiling, it’s going to need to make the move without getting damaged.

A chandelier is one of the more heavy and breakable items that needs to be packed away for your next move, so you will want to make sure you are packing this precious item carefully.

Steps to Packing a Chandelier

  1. First, make sure you have a heavy box. It can be either a cardboard moving box or a plastic storage bin; just make sure it is big enough to house the entire fixture while also leaving some room for additional padding on the top and bottom of the box.
  2. Next take all the light bulbs off the chandelier and pack them separately. Many professional movers recommend using a cell box, which are also great for packing stemware and ornaments. Wrap each bulb in packing paper or bubble wrap.
  3. Take off any crystal ornamental decorations. These may include prisms, chains or candle holders. Wrap each piece in packing paper or bubble wrap and put these also in a separate box. Be sure to label each box with what contents it contains.
  4. Using a twist tie or rubber band, wrap up the cords and wires. Moving companies don’t recommend using tape, as it can leave a sticky residue when removed.
  5. Carefully lower the chandelier into the box. Make sure there is a bottom layer of foam installed first. Us packing peanuts of any leftover bubble wrap to fill any empty space. Place the top foam layer into the box and tape it shut.

Additional Tips for Chandelier Packing

Always make sure to label each box that contains chandelier parts as “FRAGILE” in a bright-colored permanent marker. If you’ve hired a professional moving company, be sure to tell them to keep the boxes together when loaded onto the truck. Another great way to organize your move is to make sure the chandelier boxes are labeled with what room you’d like the moving company to put them in at your new home.

For those that don’t trust themselves with packing their family heirloom chandelier in fear of breaking it, you can always hire a full service moving company such as Mastodon Moving LLC to pack your valuables. If you plan on making a long-distance move, hiring professional movers to pack up your home is highly recommended, as they know exactly how to secure items for the long cross-country haul.

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