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Full Service Moving Job in Boston With Custom Crating

Mastodon Moving recently took on a Boston area custom crating job that required multi-sized crates to be created on site. The move included packing and unpacking services along with disassembling a pool table and reassembling it at the customer’s new home.

The one-day Boston move started early in the morning during which the homeowners were present in order to coordinate what belongings should be in which new room in the new locations. Mastodon Moving set to work meticulously packing each room into moving boxes, labeling each box to identify the contents as well as what room it belongs in once it arrives at the new residence.

High Value Item Moving

125Next was the custom crating for all of the high value artwork. Our professional full service movers came prepared with supplies in order to create perfectly sized wooden crates for the framed pictures. The team assembled the crates quickly and efficiently, making sure to line each with a cellophane padding to protect it’s precious cargo. While these crates were assembled, the other half of the crew got to work disassembling the pool table.

Packing and Unpacking

The Boston area move required two of our spacious and clean moving trucks. Once everything was carefully packed and secured for transit, the team and the homeowners set off to the new destination. Once on the new site, Mastodon Moving got to work dropping off each box in it’s assigned room where some crew members were disassembling the custom crates as well as reassembling the pool table.

The full day home moving job was a huge success! It takes a lot of coordination and experience to ensure that big moves like this go smoothly. Our Boston moving company has the proper tools, experience, and motivation to make sure that your job is on schedule. Give us a call today at 774-421-9004 for a free moving estimate!

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