Four Items You’ll Want a Moving Company to Handle

With a move coming up, you may have some items that are particularly troublesome to transport. These items aren’t exactly the type of things that you can just pick up and move. You shouldn’t be forced to leave any possessions behind due to inability to move objects.

If you have any of the following items, call us! Mastodon Moving handles difficult moves on a regular basis, and we would love to help with your belongings.


Plants are difficult to move when you think about it. The pot they are in is heavy, and full of dirt, which is easy to spill! A few weeks before the move, repot the plant in a plastic pot, so that this is easier for you to carry. Once the plant is settled into its new pot, transport it in your car. Don’t let the plant in a moving truck, considering you can’t regulate temperature, and the plant may become too hot and die. In addition to controlling the temperature of the plant’s environment, you can also be sure the plant doesn’t tip over!


This item is truly an issue for a person looking to take this belonging with them. Pianos are large, and heavy and taking one apart can result in damage to the original piece.  For this reason, pianos are frequently left behind in homes. The only way to transport this item is to hire a full service moving company. This way you can move the piano without hurting yourself or anyone else.

Fish tanks

Fish tanks are heavy and full of water, which makes your task to move one even more intimidating. You should empty out half of the water in the tank, which will preserve your fish’s environment below. Put fish in bags and be careful not to slosh them around in the bags. Too much movement can result in an injured or even dead, fish.

Once you get the tank to your new space, set it up immediately. Float the bagged fish on top of the water so that they can get used to the temperature below. Be sure to monitor the fish after you deposit them into the new tank; fish can be sensitive to changes in surroundings and temperatures.


Artwork is often sentimental or expensive, so moving it can be stressful. If the piece is framed, wrap it securely. You can wrap it in bubble wrap, and then add peanuts to the box.  If the artwork isn’t framed, wrap it a few times with bubble wrap, and place it in a box with a reinforced bottom. This will help to keep the item secure in case of a rough journey.

While these items may seem difficult, moving them isn’t impossible! Our Boston moving company is always up for a challenge. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quick estimate!

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