A photograph of a snowy road.

Foul Weather Moving Tips

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t much care if you have your move perfectly planned. If Mother Nature wants to act up on that particular day, so be it. However, mild panic can slowly start to set in once you start picturing soaked cardboard boxes and ruined art and furniture. But don’t fret! Moving in inclement weather doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. If the forecast shows signs of turning foul on your moving day, utilize our tips to keep everything copacetic.  Read on!

Ensure Your Belongings Are Protected

Unless the cardboard boxes you have chosen to pack your things in aren’t falling apart, you’d be surprised how durable cardboard really is. It holds up to moderate encounters with rain quite well, as long as the boxes have been sealed with packing tape. The latter is essential here as the tape will prevent moisture from leaking in through the creases and getting at your items. If you have any loose items, such as clothes on hangars or pieces of furniture, do your best to cover those with plastic sheets to prevent their exposure to the elements.

Keep Sidewalks and Driveways Clear

If you’re moving in the winter months and a storm hits, keep all necessary sidewalks and driveways shoveled to make the move as smooth as possible. If you have access to rock salt to add some extra friction, throw it down. Creating a clear path for those who will be carrying furniture and boxes is essential for safety since the last thing you want is someone injuring themselves during the process. Nothing worse than a desk slipping on a cold hand.

Protect the Floors in Your New Place

In addition to the damage excessive moisture can do to your floors, the dirt, salt, mud and other debris tracked in from the outside during bad weather can be just as messy. Plastic floor protectors are perfect in situations like this. If you’re curious, ask your moving company what they do to keep home’s protected during inclement weather moves. After all, no one wants to clean up mud and puddles before having to unpack everything.

While not ideal, moves during foul weather can certainly go off without a hitch. If you’re conducting your move with the help of family and friends, use these tips to your advantage. If you’d like to lighten your moving responsibility load, then get in touch with us!

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