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Fall DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Value

Fall is the perfect time of year to finally get home projects done before winter rolls in. Even if you aren’t selling your home any time soon, it’s still a great idea to add value to your home in the form of DIY projects. Affordable remodeling is something every homeowner should learn how to do. At Mastodon Moving, we’ve got a few weekend DIY ideas for you to tackle.

Top Fall DIY Home Projects

  • Replace Faucets. An entire bathroom remodel is always the best route to take, but sometimes it just isn’t in the budget for homeowners. If you’re not looking to gut your bathroom, changing something small like your faucet can easily spruce up an otherwise drab looking space.
  • Lighting Fixtures. Potential buyers are more willing to put in an offer on a home that’s been staged properly. One of the most important staging tips is to ensure there’s enough lighting in your home’s living spaces. Light up your kitchen with a few new and modern lighting fixtures that make a statement.
  • Entryway Storage. If your home currently doesn’t have a closet or coat nook, you can always head to an antique or thrift store and purchase a side table or other piece of furniture that serves as a storage space. Repurpose benches, dressers and tables to fit your needs.
  • Improve Your Yard. In the suburbs of Boston (and in the city itself) yard space is in high demand. DIY projects such as a patio or stone fire pit can greatly improve the look and functionality of your yard space.

Our professional moving company in Boston recommends making these DIY changes a few months before putting your house on the market just in case you need to make additional changes. If you need help organizing, removing unwanted items, or staging your home, contact our move management experts today and get a free estimate!

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