Downsizing from Your Home in the Suburbs to a Boston Apartment

So the kids are finally out of the house for good (well, hopefully) and your 5 bedroom colonial in the suburbs has more room than you’ll ever need again, what’s the next step? If you’ve always had those big city dreams why not look at downsizing to an apartment in or around Boston? Moving to a city can sound daunting at first, but hiring the right moving company can make things much easier than you imagine.

Boston is one of America’s most historic cities with plenty of dining, shopping, nightlife and attractions to keep you busy for a lifetime. Moving downtown can bring all of the wonders of Boston right within walking distance of your apartment. However moving to a city so old can propose some unique challenges: narrow streets, multi-level apartments with narrow staircases, and smaller living spaces that suburbanites are used to. Luckily Mastodon Moving LLC can handle everything from full service packing and unpacking of your belongings to navigating the narrow streets of downtown without hassle.

How our Boston moving company can help

Mastadon Moving LLC, a Boston moving company, can make your dream of city life a reality! We are full service movers that are fully licensed and insured; we provide the best quality for all types of moves but specialize in the tedious process of moving to Boston. Not only do we provide exceptional moving services but also provide high security and climate controlled storage for all of the belongings that you can’t take to your apartment. Even if you have things you need to get rid of (like that old hockey net out back) we can provide junk removal as well, bringing dumpster delivery right to your home which other home movers in Boston do not provide.

With the kids out of the house downsizing to an apartment can make a lot more sense financially and allow you to be closer to the vibrancy of the city (also no more yardwork) but make sure you hire the right moving company to make the process as stress free as possible. If you think you’re ready for the big move to the city, Mastadon Moving LLC can provide you with a stress free experience; just give us a call at 774-421-9004 and start your dream of moving to Boston!

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