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Decluttering 101

With holidays approaching, it’s a sure bet that we’ll all be adding to our belongings with presents from our loved ones. It’s the season of giving… and receiving, if we are being selfish. But then again, there is nothing wrong with appreciating those tiny little presents we want to keep forever. KEEP. FOREVER. Most of us, at some point in our lives, became hoarders of things. Ever since we were young, we were always saving things. Whether it was the hundreds of different stickers, all kinds of rocks, or those weird plastic charm bracelets.

Living on your own, it’s hard to see the nostalgia attached to items, you just see clutter! Unused clothes and bags, dusty boxes that you don’t even know what’s inside, paper and documents (might want to check those) lying around, the tiny presents you received from several holidays. These things pile up and one day you’ll just notice that you don’t even have space to walk anymore. If this is your situation, it is time to start decluttering.

Divide and Conquer!

First thing to do is to separate it by sections. Pick a section and focus on that one first. As you go through each object, ask yourself questions like “Have I used this for the past year?” or “Do I need this?” If the answer is no, then that thing must go!

Another thing you can do is to grab a trash bag and go through each section. In the trash bag, put things that you think can still be used by another person. Things like old clothes, old bags, or old books that have still life in it would do better in another person’s hands. This is a great way to organize your home little by little. It’s also a win-win for you and another person!

No Paper Trails!

Although we live in the digital age now, we still have paper mail. Mail tend to pile up especially if you don’t take care of it on the regular. As a start, go through all of it once and like before, organize them by type. Bills, invitations, credit card offers, whatever they may be, separate them and go through each pile one by one. Have a place in your house where you can keep the necessary bills, invitations, and others for future reference or opt for paperless!

The best thing to do after doing these steps is to commit to the routine. Make it a part of your day/week and this will help you maintain the cleanliness of your home. More than that, it will give you peace and a decluttered mind. Plus, you get to see your countertops again, right?

Storage Rentals

Following these steps are great but sometimes it’s just not enough. If things are still not looking good, there is always an option to rent a storage space where you can put the stuff you’ll use again but don’t need right now. Storage rentals are great because they allow you to have a clean and organized home while still being able to keep the things that you love.

Mastodon Moving offers storage rentals that feature plenty of room for all your belongings! All our units are under high security and climate controlled. If ever you decide to declutter, call us for our storage unit for the things you just cannot part with yet.

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