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Downsizing Your Aging Parents


Moving is one of life’s top stressors. It can be both physically and mentally exhausting. This is certainly true when you are working with your aging parents in downsizing to a smaller home or senior living housing. The process of sorting through decades of family history can be a huge challenge and one that may require assistance.

moving-boxes-4118678__340At Mastodon Moving, we have helped many clients in the packing, moving, and storage aspects necessary to downsize aging parents to a more manageable residence, an adult child’s home, or even to a senior living community. We have worked closely with family members about what items need to be packed and unpacked, and what items are going to a new location. We have also provided temporary storage for high-value items, family heirlooms, and sentimental items. We pride ourselves on communicating and working with all members of the team to make this a smooth transition.

Downsizing can be difficult, especially since items will need to be either moved, sold, donated, gifted, or handed down to other family members. Here are some suggestions from our team to help you in this emotional and physically demanding labor of love.


Create a Space to Get Organized

Create a space where you can begin to categorize each item. Some people find a cleared out garage, a basement, or even a guest bedroom works as a good sorting area. When categorizing, families find it helpful to sort items by category such as keep, discard, to-be-gifted, items to sell, and items that will be packed for moving. This is probably the most difficult part of downsizing – deciding on what should be passed on and what should travel to the new location. Take it slow and use the time to reminisce about items that have sentimental value.

declutter signMake Some Ground Rules

Since decluttering and downsizing can be emotionally tough, decide on how many boxes can potentially fit in the new location and how long you will work on decluttering each day. We recommend, if you have time before the move, to only do a few hours a day rather than a marathon packing day. Knowing when to call it quits each day can save you a lot of hardship. If there are many prized possessions that will not be making the move, decide with family members how you will gift them and who will get the items.


Consider Temporary Storage

If there are high-value items, larger items that may be needed later, or family heirlooms that will be handed down, consider storing them until the time comes to pass them on to the next owner. Our short-term storage means that these items can be taken off site, thus allowing for more room to sort and catalog what is left.


Manage Paperwork

One thing that can get overwhelming (in any home) is the amount of paperwork that can build up over the years or decades. Shred or toss obvious items such as old canceled checks, old bills, and papers that are not needed for taxes. If you’re not sure, ask an accountant or tax professional what records need to be retained. For paperwork that remains, sort it into labeled files so that accessing it in the future is easier.

Mastodon Moving has a team of professionals who can help at each step of the way from packing and unpacking, to accessing our storage facilities. We can help make this transition easier for the whole family. Contact Mastodon Moving at 774-421-9004 today for senior moving, move management, long distance moving, and storage services.


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When To Opt For Storage Service in Sudbury

Are you moving to or from the Sudbury area? For those who are moving a lot of belongings, placing a few items or furniture pieces in a storage facility can help alleviate some of the unpacking and organizing pressure during your move. Our storage facility can also be used for a variety of different reasons other than moving.

Below are just a few examples of why residents in Sudbury should consider storage services.

When to Choose Storage Services

  • Long Distance Moving. Residents moving to or from Sudbury are normally going through a long distance move that may take multiple days to complete. If this is the case, Mastodon Moving will recommend that a portion of your belongings be stored temporarily at our storage facility. Once all of your belongings are in the area, we will transport your stored items from the storage facility to your new home.
  • Spring Cleaning. If you’re doing a spring deep clean of your home which includes deep cleaning the carpets and the floors, it can be beneficial to have your belongings in storage for a day or two to make sure no items get in the way of your cleaning frenzy.
  • Home Remodeling. Many homeowners in the Sudbury area are constantly upgrading their homes, including kitchens and bathrooms. Homes in the area were predominantly built in the early 1900’s and home additions and remodels are a great way to improve the home’s value. Home remodeling can make even the cleanest home dusty, so we recommend placing your upholstered furniture in storage during the project.
  • Structural Damage, Mold Damage, Water Damage. If you’ve noticed mold or leaking water in a part of your home, it’s important to address the problem as quickly as possible before the issue spreads to other areas. After contacting a remediation company, it may be best to place your unsoiled items and furniture pieces in storage while the cleaning process is underway.
  • Downsizing. Do you finally have an empty nest? Are your parents looking to move into a retirement facility? No matter what your situation is, when it comes to downsizing, it’s important to remember that not everything is going to fit in your new home. In this case, we recommend storing unwanted furniture items at our Ashland storage facility until you make a decision on what to do with them. Due to a high cost of living in the Sudbury area, many families are opting to move to more affordable locations.

When To Contact Mastodon Moving for Storage

Whatever your needs for a storage facility are, Mastodon Moving is here to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure. Our storage facility is temperature controlled, spacious, and armed with exterior and interior video surveillance cameras for heightened security. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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De-Cluttering Your Garage After Moving In

Much like your basement or attic, your garage can be a place where clutter accumulates. After all, it can happen easily, and your car is usually the only one in there to witness it, and they likely aren’t going to tell anyone. But, the more you add the less organized the entire space becomes. Once that happens, it can be a bit embarrassing when opening your garage. People will dismiss the chaos because it keeps their actual living space from being inundated with items, particularly after a big move. If you’d like to avoid the garage whirlwind in your new home, utilize these storage tips to keep things copacetic.

Install Rugged Shelving

While shelving is common in garages, it typically isn’t entirely up to the job of containing everything you need it to. Garage storage is for large, heavy items and flimsy shelving can’t quite hold up. Choosing to install more rugged shelving options not only allows you to take greater advantage of the space, but it also gives you the option of getting heavier items off the ground and in a proper place. By clearing the floor you’re also making it easier for you and your family to navigate the garage nimbly. On the plus side, even heavy-duty shelving is relatively affordable so introducing this aspect to your garage won’t hurt your wallet.

Overhead Storage is Your Friend

If you want to take advantage of your space as much as possible, overhead storage is a fantastic option. These storage racks are comprised of hearty metal and hang from the ceiling, allowing you to utilize the upper two to three feet of your garage. When it comes to getting a majority of your garage clutter away and out of sight, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better options than overhead storage. However, the one downside to this is that you have to ensure your garage ceiling is high enough to accommodate such storage. If you don’t you risk bumping your head or your car scraping along the bottom of the rack.

Hang Pegboards

One of the simplest options for garage storage is utilizing pegboards. Not only are they both easy to find and install, they are also highly flexible. They are a fantastic way to utilize wall space and can support anything from shelves to custom holders. If your walls are relatively taken up already, pegboards can be cut into any shape needed and can fit into wall spaces that don’t have much other use.

Gain control of your unruly garage with these storage methods. Besides, taking the garbage out to the garage shouldn’t involve acrobatics just to reach the trash cans. Make garage storage installation part of your move-in process and you’ll have a new home and an organized garage!