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How to Keep Your Sanity During a Move

We know that moving can be one of the great stressors of life even if you are moving to your dream home, in the perfect neighborhood. There are so many parts of the puzzle that need to come together in order to make the move happen. Thankfully, after years of helping families move across the state and across the country, we have a few tips to help you keep your sanity during this exciting but anxiety ridden time. 


Start Packing Early 

If you are a world-class procrastinator, this may be the hardest part of the move for you. Start packing your items as early as possible. Pack up items that you are not currently using first such as seasonal items, seasonal clothing, storage items, and books. Get as many keepsakes wrapped and packed before you even start to think about packing large items. 

You may not think that packing will take long, but once you open up those closets you will realize that you have more possessions than you know what to do with. 

Stay Focused 

For many of us, moving means a growing list of things to do that is constantly running through our minds. Create a list of things to accomplish such as a list of utilities you will need to transfer, address changes you will need to complete, and packing that needs to be done. Check each off as you go. 

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Purge, Purge, Purge

Sometimes, our clients tell us that they get caught up in the packing because they are looking at old photos, memory items, or just trying to sort through what they feel they will need/use in the new place. We suggest purging as much as possible. Recycle, donate, or trash items that are no longer used or you have duplicates of. This downsizing of your possessions can make packing and the moving process easier. 

Take Breaks 

While getting the packing and all the other things on your “To Do” list completed is important, it is also important to take frequent breaks. Give your body and mind a break so that you don’t get overwhelmed and allow anxiety to spiral out of control. 

Enlist Your Family or Friends 

Part of staying sane during a move is having your friends or family members help you out. Assign close friends to tasks that will overwhelm you. Ask anyone and everyone who is willing to help to do so. The more hands, the lighter the work. 

If you want to leave your family out of the packing chaos, consider hiring a moving company that also offers packing and unpacking services along with temporary storage or coordination of your move. Mastodon Moving does all of this! Contact us for help with your next move. 

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Where to Start Pack For Your Move

Undoubtedly, moving is one of the great stressors in life. Knowing what needs to be done and when things need to be done can be absolutely overwhelming. Getting organized can be the first step in reducing your stress and making the move less of an anxiety-ridden experience. Let’s review what to pack first and how to streamline your move overall. 

Where To Start? 

When you begin to sort through your belongings for packing it may feel like you don’t quite know where to start. Experts suggest doing some major downsizing of your possessions in order to simplify the process. 

Start by systematically going through your kitchen cabinets where there tends to be lots of unused and duplicate items. Weed out the items you no longer need. Go with the policy of sorting items into: keep, trash, donate, and recycle. 

Then go through your home’s closets to do the same for clothing, shoes, and storage items. The more you can discard or donate, the easier your packing and unpacking will be. 

Seasonal Items 

One of the best places to start packing is with the items that you are currently not using. For example, your seasonal decorations should be organized, packed, and labelled. Seasonal items to pack could include: sports items, holiday decor, lawn equipment, beach items, and off-season clothing. Be sure to remove items that are in disrepair, need to be discarded, or could be donated. 

If you have fine China, fragile art pieces, or high value items that need to be carefully wrapped and packed, talk to your movers early to get your items packed and safely put away in storage to keep them secure during the moving process. 

Knick Knacks 

Every home has them. Keepsakes, treasures from vacations, family photos, and knick knacks of all shapes and sizes. Some may be valuable items collected over the years, while others hold sentimental value. Pack all of these up in smaller boxes with packing wrap to keep them safe on the journey. 

These small pieces that are probably scattered all around your home make for a good grouping to get packed among the first items. It’s really hard to think about moving the big stuff like shelves, bookcases, and dining room cabinets when there are a million keepsakes and knick knacks laying around. 


Whether they are your college texts or your favorite beach reads, books are another item that can be a good starting place when prepping for your move. Shelves and bedrooms can quickly look less daunting when the books, keepsakes, and seasonal items have been neatly packed and labelled. 

Linens and Towels 

Obviously you will need to continue to sleep on sheets in your bedroom and use towels after showering, but maybe start gathering all of your extra linens and towels including beach towels. Wash, fold, pack, and label these so that when you arrive in your new home, you will be able to place them immediately in your new linen closet. 

Packing is a process that can be made easier by starting with the items you don’t use as often and working your way down to the items that you need on a daily basis being packed last. 

Do you need assistance with packing, storage, unpacking, and moving into your new home? Mastodon Moving can help you get organized and do all the heavy lifting for you. 

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Tips to Get You Settled Quickly into Your New Home

Moving can be stressful. The coordinating, packing, cleaning, and organizing can be overwhelming. In your mind, you are probably counting the hours and minutes until you can arrive at your destination and start sorting things out. Thankfully, once you and your belongings have arrived at your new home, there is usually a sense of relief. 

As professional movers, we understand the stress that comes with this upheaval in your life. We also know that there are things that you can do to make the move easier, including the process of getting settled into your new place. Here are a few of our tips to help you adjust and establish your home quickly and with as little stress as possible.

check listAn Essentials Box 

Before the movers come to pack and transport all of your belongings, be sure to make your life infinitely easier upon arrival by packing a few boxes that will be marked “essential items.” These boxes should be placed last in the moving van or may even go separately in an owner’s car. 

An essentials box or boxes should contain personal items that you may need for the first day/night of staying in your new home. This could include: prescription medicines, bathroom necessities, personal items, a change of clothes, and comfort items for your children.

Cleaning Items 

One of the first things that you will want to do once you get into your new digs will be to clean everything from top to bottom including floors, cabinets, bathrooms, and possibly even the walls/ceilings. Start with a clean slate before unpacking anything. Make sure you have a box filled with all the cleaning products you want to use. This will save you a trip to the store upon arriving and can be a great hint to friends and relatives who are helping that you have a list of things to do before you unpack! 

tape measureReview Measurements 

One of the things home buyers do when they are house hunting is envision their furnishings in the new place. Once you have signed on the dotted line, ask the previous owners or the real estate agent to get you accurate measurements of each room and windows, so you can better explain to the movers where furnishings should be placed. This could save you a lot of hassle trying to decide which direction and location your bed or couch will face when you are in mid move. Measurements can also help you determine if you have the right window coverings, rugs, and furniture to fit in the rooms properly. 

Create a Priority List 

Once you get into your home, you will have a million things on your mind to get accomplished. Create a priority list that can help you focus and give movers or family members direction in their tasks. 

Of particular importance if you have children, is setting up a place for them to sleep and an area that makes them feel at home. If you can’t unpack their room right away, make sure they have a place to lay their head on the first night and some of their comfort items to play with. 

Also of importance will be having a bathroom that is all unpacked. After a long day of unpacking, you will want to unwind, shower, and relax. Having your bathroom box handy is critical to making that first night less overwhelming. 

Organize Your Paperwork 

Over the course of the first week or two, you will most likely be dealing with handling the transfer of utilities, installation of cable, and other items. Keep track of all the paperwork that goes with this part of the move so you can easily access it later when you have questions. 

Packing didn’t happen overnight in your old place, so don’t expect that the unpacking process will happen fast now. Realize that you can not get it all done right away and give yourself time to make the adjustment. You will get all the boxes unpacked eventually. 

Check out our blog for more ideas to make your move go smoothly. If you have questions and comments contact Mastodon Moving. We are happy to help.