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Protect Valuables During Your Move

Moving can evoke a wide array of emotions from the thrill of finally finding your dream home to the anxiety of packing and moving all of your possessions. Conquering that sense of being overwhelmed by the move usually diminishes with each box that is packed and labeled. For the most part, putting books in a box or folding up linens can be fairly straightforward and simplistic. But what about moving valuables such as your family heirlooms, your grandmother’s china, the crystal stemware you got for your wedding, the painting you purchased in Italy on your honeymoon, or even the baby grand piano that is the centerpiece of your living room? We have some quick tips and advice when it comes to protecting your valuables during your move.

Inventory All Valuables

When it comes to moving valuable items, it is important to create an inventory list that can be used in a worst-case scenario. Not only should you make a list of what items will be moved that are of high value, but you should also take photographs to document the condition and appearance prior to the move. It may serve you well to also gather all insurance policy information on each item and any appraisals that have been done on each item.

Consider Insurance

Moving high-value items like paintings and china can be nerve-wracking for homeowners. Give yourself a little extra piece of mind by consulting with your homeowner’s insurance company and ask about what is covered during a move. It is also smart to ask your moving company what insurance and liability coverage they have for moving more expensive items.

Go with the Professionals

As professional movers, we know that some items need to be put into specially build crates or boxes. We have access to the precise size and style of crates needed to ensure the safe passage of your valuable items from electronics to china. Our professionals know that high-value items also need specialized equipment such as dollies, cranes, and professional packing items. We take special care that your keepsakes and precious valuables are wrapped and stored properly before entering our trucks.

Smaller valuables such as sentimental jewelry, mobile devices, important documents, and meaningful photos may be easier for homeowners to transport themselves. Talk to your movers as to your specific needs, whether it is across town or across the nation. Mastodon Movers specialize in packing and moving high-value items. Talk to our team today to plan for your move. Call us at 774-421-9004 or visit our website.