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Home Moving in Framingham MA

Mastodon Moving Heads to Framingham for In-Home Moving

Did you know Mastodon Moving offers in home moving services in Framingham? If you are simply moving rooms within your home, we can provide this service.

The Ashland-based home moving company recently completed two separate in home moves in Framingham where each homeowner needed assistance moving items from one bedroom to another. These moves came recently, at the end of August and just last weekend.

The items in question included bedframes, mattresses and other furniture. In order to make each move easier, the team at Mastodon Moving disassembled the bed frames, moved the beds with their custom mattress carriers, and reassembled everything in the new bedrooms. The team also took care of moving the accompanying bedroom furniture such as dressers, night stands, desks and some smaller personal items such as clothing and pictures. Moving mattresses and bed frames can be very difficult, and not something you should attempt alone.

In Home Moving & Home Staging Services

After the big move, you may need help maximizing space in your bedroom or home, we can help with that as well. We can work with you to find the best layout for the space, and leave you without any stress when facing any type of move! Moving can be a stressful time, and staying organized and planning out the layout of your space can be difficult. With its full service capability, our professional movers can handle every issue you may have.

In addition to moving services, Mastodon Moving also provides staging services for homes that are approaching the real estate market. We can help you present your home in the best light, and appeal to potential buyers.

If you are moving soon, or are considering a move to or from Framingham, Call us today! We would love to make your move easy and enjoyable.

home moving services in boston

Home Moving Services: What to Expect from Mastodon Moving

When it comes to packing up and moving an entire family from one location to another, there are a multitude of steps that need to be taken and it can be hard to stay on track — but that’s where our professional home movers come in!

Established in Wayland — and now headquartered in Ashland — by JJ Przybylski, Mastodon Moving LLC exists to make the process of home moving in the Boston area easier and affordable. Because we want your move to be as simple as possible, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from our home moving services in Boston.

  1. Get an estimate. It’s easy to get in touch with us here at Mastodon Moving; you won’t be bogged down with “Please press 4 for more options” when you call in, and our free online moving estimate process is quick and simple.
  2. Give us the details. After we reach out to you about your home moving needs, now is the time to tell us if there are any high value items that need extra care and attention. Our professional movers in Boston have plenty of experience moving antique furniture, china, artwork and even pianos — simply give us a heads up so we can plan accordingly. Let us know if you will be needing any of our other professional moving services.
  3. Moving day: Part 1. After setting the ideal date and time for your move, our full
    service moving company will arrive promptly at your home (if you’ve opted for packing and unpacking services, our moving crew may arrive the day before to start the process). When we say full service packing and unpacking, we really mean it! Mastodon Moving will pack everything from your toothbrush and hanging clothes to lamps and your fine art collection — then unpack it at your new place.Our crews will take extra care to protect your home as we move through it with your belongings by using furniture pads, door jamb protectors to prevent dents, custom mattress carriers, and floor runners to protect your hardwood floors and carpets.
  4. Moving day: Part 2. After we’ve carefully loaded our spacious moving trucks with your possessions, our team will set out to wherever your new home may be (across town, state or country). Once there, you can direct our crew exactly how you want each item placed within your new home! As a full service moving company, we provide unpacking services, which means you’ll have an extra set of hands to organize a single room or your entire home.
  5. Enjoy your new home. The goal at Mastodon Moving is to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. Please let us know how we can make your new living space more enjoyable for you and your family. As always, don’t forget to keep in touch with our local Boston moving company on social media, or write us a quick review about your experience.
Apartment Move in Boston

Mastodon Moving Provides Apartment Moves in Boston MA

Late summer and fall can be exciting times for many people in the city of Boston! Undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent grads are all moving to and from the city and surrounding areas to start a new year.

There’s so much that goes into finding the perfect Boston, MA apartment for your needs. Many people use, Zillow, and Trulia, and find great success when searching within their budgets, desired locations, etc.

Boston, MA Apartment Moving Services by Mastodon Moving LLC

Searching For the Right Apartment In Boston, MA

When sifting through multiple listings and options for apartments, there are a few specific things you’ll want to research. These include the area, crime rates, and available jobs that might influence your decision on which area to move to.

The right apartment for you may include utilities, may have a washer and dryer in the unit, or may require a parking spot and pet accommodations. These are also important things you’ll want to research about your potential new apartment to see if the one you have in mind is a good fit.

Be sure the apartment you’re moving into is safe, inspected, and up to date with all regulations and codes. Ask your landlord about the last inspection, and be sure to take photos of your space before you move in to document the current condition, and ultimately prevent any unfair charges to your security deposit.

Find the Perfect Apartment in Boston, MA

How Professional Movers Can Enhance Your Moving Experience

Once you sign your lease, you can start the apartment moving process. First task: packing.

Packing your items can be a daunting task. You need boxes, newspaper, sometimes bubble wrap, and tape, all along with organizational skills to keep everything neat and orderly. Overwhelmed yet?

Don’t worry. Mastodon Moving LLC is here to help with your apartment move in Boston. As your full service moving company, we have every moving supply you might need. We bring boxes, tape, and padding for floors and carpets to help keep your new apartment scratch free. This helps prevent your old apartment from any damages that may threaten your security deposits. Worth it, right?

Choosing The Right Moving Company in Boston, MA

When you’re convinced you need a mover, choosing the right one can be just as hard as choosing an apartment. Mastodon Moving LLC makes your choice easy by offering exceptional service far beyond our competition.

Moving Company in Boston, MA

What to Expect From Our Affordable Apartment Moving Services

A few days before you move, our team will arrive to pack up your room, or entire apartment. Before the movers arrive to pack your belongings, try to toss things you may not need or want anymore.

A new apartment is a perfect place to start fresh and keep your space clean. We will label all boxes to keep your belongings together. Be sure to measure doorways and your new space to see which furniture will fit, and which will have to be disassembled (we can also help with this).

Once you are packed, it is time to head towards your new apartment! Let our professional moving team deal with the stress of the move and loading the moving truck, and try to remain calm and stress free.

When you arrive at your new apartment, the unpacking process begins. Mastodon Moving LLC can unpack a certain room or the entire apartment for you, whichever is easier.

The first thing you will want to set up is your bed! Mastodon movers can do this for you. Aside from putting away some kitchen items, you will surely be tired from the move and wanting to lay down in your new space. As soon as your boxes are unpacked, you can start your cleaning processes.

The task of moving can be difficult, and will be one you don’t want to do alone. If you’re struggling when planning for your move, or confused as to what steps you should take in the process, let us help.

Call Mastodon Moving LLC at 774-421-9004. We are your source for affordable, expert services in larger or smaller moves.