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Moving Company Confessions: It’s Not The Stuff That’s Hard to Move

As a moving company, we move stuff. We move a lot of stuff. And what we’ve come to realize over the years of moving stuff is that it isn’t the physical objects that are difficult to relocate — it’s something else entirely.

The intangible.

It’s the things that can’t be lifted, packed away neatly into a box, and loaded onto one of our trucks that makes moving so difficult for some families and individuals. At Mastodon Moving, we’ve moved hundreds of greater Boston area residents over the years, but there always seems to be the same point of conversation with our clients: It’s just plain hard to come to grips that you’ll be leaving one area and moving on to another.

Things more difficult to relocate than possessions

We’ve gathered a few intangible things that are challenging for homeowners to move, more so than that pool table or crystal chandelier.

  • Kids. For those with kids under the age of 18, it’s always a challenge trying to find a new school district that will best meet their needs and yours. Having to console your children when they have to leave their friends is sometimes nothing short of heartbreaking — but having a positive attitude when talking to them helps!
  • Medical care. If you’re moving to a new town or state, don’t forget that you’ll need to find new doctors. We recommend asking your current doctor, dentist or physician to refer you and your family to a reputable clinic or office in your new town. Understand that it will take time for your new doctors to get acquainted with you even though they have you transferred records.
  • Business. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for more space to grow your business, the next logical step is to move to a more spacious storefront or facility. Moving a business is tricky and there are moving companies out there who provide office relocation services.
  • Reputation. Moving to take on a new job at a new company is always going to be hard. You’re starting from scratch in terms of creating a positive reputation for yourself and your work ethic. Establishing a reputation with new neighbors and community organizations is also challenging and will take time, though it’s well worth the investment.
  • Memories. You and your family will always harbor memories of your old home, past friends, and the community. It’s normal to think about that favorite cafe or bar you used to go to. But one of the most exciting parts about moving is finding those new hidden gems in town. We suggest taking the family out; try different restaurants, explore a new park, or join an organization.

How Mastodon Moving Can Help

Our full service moving company in Boston provides all of our clients with the option to request move management services. If you have a loved one who needs to move into an assisted living facility and the move is proving more difficult than you thought, our move management assistant can help ease the transition process. For those who are too busy to pack up their home, we have no problem taking care of both the packing and unpacking for you so that you can focus on what matters, which is getting your family settled.

Contact our movers today for a free estimate!

Boston’s Commercial Moving Company: Why Choose Mastodon

As the Real estate market continues to improve and grow in the Boston area, small to large businesses are flocking into the city in record numbers. Construction in the Seaport District, Government Center, and Back Bay means there’s more room for businesses to grow.

If your office is experiencing growing pains and has locked down a new building in Boston, contact our professional office moving company today. With Mastodon Moving LLC, you get full service moving. Here are a few benefits:

  • Save yourself time.  Full service moving means our expert movers will arrive on site and pack everything in your office — right down to your pencil holder. This will allow your employees to work right up until move out day instead of wasting time slowly packing belongings throughout the week.
  • More organized. Our move management experts are here to keep your office supplies organized. We will work with you to create a packing and unpacking schedule that works best with your office. Depending on the size of the company, our Boston movers will split the moving process into two days: One to pack larger objects and expensive items such as copy machines, and the next day to move everything else and transport it to the new location.
  • Work with one company. Since our Boston business relocation company is full service, you won’t need to hire a third party company to do any additional packing. Not sure if your new space is going to have enough room for office furniture? Not a problem! We have an Ashland-based storage unit that can house extra furniture until you have room or use for it.

If your office is planning a relocation in the near or distance future, give us a call for an estimate. Be sure to let us know how many workstations need to be moved as well as any conference rooms or lounges!

Natick moving company

Mastodon Moving Provides Elderly Moving Services in Natick

Earlier this month, the full service moving company helped a Natick local move into their new assisted living home in Wayland, MA.

Mastodon Moving LLC worked extensively with the entire family to move their loved one safely from her Natick condo to a new assisted living condo in Wayland. The job called for full service moving, which started with move management services. Owner JJ Przybylski worked with the family and their loved one to determine what possessions were to move, to be donated and to be tossed. Moving dates and a plan of action on moving day were also established.

The moving team worked quickly yet efficiently to pack up the entire condo, which included a small kitchen and dining area, living room area and bedroom. There were a few high value items such as paintings and antiques that were packed with care and securely fastened into the spacious moving truck to make the drive across town. The moving company has completed dozens of jobs involving high value items and always comes prepared with the appropriate packing materials.

After the original home was fully packed and loaded onto the truck, the moving company traveled to their Wayland destination and fully unpacked the woman’s belongings into her new condo. Mastodon Moving is capable of unpacking and entire house, right down to the silverware, in order to help customers feel at home as quickly as possible.

Need full service moving for your loved one? Contact Mastodon Moving today to request an estimate!