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Mastodon Moving Here to Help Residents Affected by Winter Storms

This past week has seen two major storms hit the greater Boston area — and both have affected residential homes in one way or another.

High winds exceeding 60 mph in some areas along the coast resulted in power outages, downed trees and damage to roofs and siding. One of the biggest issues with winter storms for Boston area residents is the flooding. Whether it’s coastal flooding from high tide or basement flooding from poor drainage and runoff solutions, the results can be devastating.

How Our Movers Can Help

Mastodon Moving is here to help homeowners whose houses have been impacted by leaks, flooding and other issues such as mold and mildew. We understand that you want to get your home back to the condition it was in before these storms, so we’re here to offer our moving and storage services to those who need it.

After hiring a carpenter, roofing company or mold remediation expert to repair your home, before they begin their work our movers will arrive at your home and collect any belongings you need moved out. We will bring these items to our secure, temperature-controlled storage unit until your home has been repaired. We can even help with removing any soiled or unwanted items to the curb that have been affected by water damage.

Give us a call today and we’ll set up an appointment with our moving crew as soon as possible so that your hired contractors can get to work fixing your home!

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Mastodon Moving Hosting NARI Event

This Friday, February 9th, Mastodon Moving LLC is hosting the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) at their storage facility in Ashland, located at 200 Homer Ave. The all-day event is scheduled between 8 AM to 5 PM and catered towards local and regional area contractors.

“We’re thrilled to be able to host this event for NARI members in the greater Boston area,” said JJ Przybylski, owner of Mastodon Moving LLC. “Networking and continuing trade education is important to business owners, and we’re just excited to be able to rent out our space to make this happen.”

NARI is a professional trade association for those in the remodeling industry. This includes contractors, builders and supply chain partners. On February 9th, more than 50 area contractors will head to 200 Homer Ave to network with industry vendors as well as listen to guest speakers.

This event is a great opportunity for Boston area remodeling businesses to learn about changes in the economy as well as gain further industry knowledge from experts and peers. Business representatives from roofing, siding, flooring, landscaping and other industries will all be in attendance here at Mastodon Moving’s storage facility.

Our Boston area moving company partners with dozens of area contractors and Realtors in order to help homeowners find their new home. If you or someone you know is looking for a reputable moving company, Realtor or contractor, contact us online today.


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Mastodon Moving Heads Southwest for Long Distance Move

August so far has been a busy month for the professionals here at Mastodon Moving LLC. Owner JJ Przybylski and his crew took on one of their biggest moves yet which took them from Massachusetts to New Mexico.

Wrapping Things Up in Massachusetts

After providing the Massachusetts homeowners with a move management plan, the Boston movers set to work on packing up the entire 5,000 sq ft house. The crew took extra precautions carefully packing the client’s items, which included a china cabinet from the early 1700’s, marble table tops, and various china pieces and crystal dining sets.

116All of the items were inventoried on their way out the door and into the moving fans. Once everything was packed, Mastodon Moving headed to the spacious storage facility in Ashland where all the items were temporarily stored for a month in order to finalize the logistics of moving everything cross country.

Shipping Cross-Country

Shipping day finally arrived and Mastodon Moving loaded the items onto a 53 ft tractor trailer which drove out to the new home in New Mexico. Four movers from Przybylski’s team were ready and waiting at the new location to help with the unloading and unpacking process. The crew worked around the clock to move everything into it’s intended place; beds were set up, two pianos were moved in, and the family’s grandfather clock found a new home. While the homeowners finished unpacking their belongings and getting settled, the team helped break down boxes, organize track and create more space to get the home set up.

Our Boston moving company’s goal is to ensure that every client has a stress free moving experience. We’re here to make sure that you stay organized and in the loop at all times with our step-by-step move management plan. Mastodon Moving LLC is a fully licensed and insured boutique full service moving company. If you’re gearing up for a long distance move in the future, contact us to request a free moving estimate.