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Benefits of Moving Management to Keep in Mind

Moving is a very complicated process, but if you have a lot of stuff to sift through and an entire house to downsize, you may want to consider opting for move management services. A 2013 study by retirement specialist Key Retirement Solutions revealed that one in five people over the age of 55 plan on downsizing in the next five years.

Hiring a professional moving company that offers moving management — such as Mastodon Moving located in Wayland MA — is a great way to help you get organized for the next chapter of your life. Here are a few benefits to consider.

  1. Plan of Attack. With an expert move manager at your side, your local or long distance move is sure to go smoothly. The move manager will let you know what needs to be done and when; they will even schedule your exact move out/move in date. Hiring a reputable full service moving company is key here.
  2. Removing Clutter. This is one of the biggest reasons people hire moving managers in Boston. Sometimes all it takes is talking to someone else about your clutter problem. Move managers will be able to talk you through why it’s important to get rid of unnecessary items to make your life stress free in your new location.
  3. Full Service. Looking for a moving management company in the Boston area? Make sure they are a full service moving company too. Mastodon Moving, for example, provides expert advice for those looking to downsize or decrease clutter all while offering services to fully pack and unpack your home.
  4. Moving Day Assistance. When you hire a move manager, they will be there throughout the entire moving process — and that most importantly means moving day! You’ve already depended on their services for the past couple days (or even weeks) and they will always be there to make sure the move goes smoothly.
  5. Organizing the New Place. The biggest fear homeowners might have when making a local or long distance move is that their house will become cluttered again when they unpack all their boxes. No worries though because a full service moving company will be the ones to do the unpacking and organizing for you. Just talk to the move manager about where things should go and the rest of the team will get the job done.

Do you live in Wayland, Weston, Newton or Sudbury and plan on making a move in the future but need some guidance? Mastodon Moving is here to help with moving management. Contact us today to get an estimate.

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