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Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Moving Company

We are constantly making decisions throughout the day, but these are minor choices compared to making the decision to pack up and move. However, within that major decision are other, smaller — but equally as important — choices that need to be made regarding your next move.

You may need to decide what items to keep and what to toss, or when your move-out date should be. One of the easiest decisions however is to hire a full service moving company to help make life a bit easier. Here are a few benefits of choosing full service movers.

  1. Packing materials are provided. With full service moving, all the packing materials for moving (from tape to boxes) are included with the price. In the long run, you’ll end up saving a lot more money than you would making dozens of trips to the nearest home improvement store for boxes.
  2. It’s a time saver. Too focused on getting your kids organized and transferring your mail, etc before the move? A professional moving company will be able to quickly and efficiently pack up all of your belongings in a shorter amount of time than you would imagine.
  3. Properly protecting your belongings. The majority of us would hate to admit that we’ve broken a few glasses or dishes en route to our new home because we just didn’t care or have the time to properly pack up our stuff. Full service movers have the proper packing materials to safely store your valuable items and get them to their new destination safely.
  4. Full service movers usually offer long distance moving. Boutique moving companies such as Mastodon Moving LLC will not only provide full service moving, but also offer long distance moving. According to a Forbes article, 47% of families move to a different state due to job reasons. You worry about transitioning to your new job, we’ll handle the heavy lifting.
  5. You’re assets are protected. Any full service, professional mover will have you sign a legal contract before they can begin to pack up your belongings. These contracts ensure that if anything should happen, such as damage to furniture in-transit or someone slips on ice and drops a box, your items are covered. It’s always good to ask about additional coverage options if you’re moving long distance.

There are many professional moving companies in Boston, yet here at Mastodon Moving we give honest quotes and put customer experience first. Contact us for your next local or long distance move!

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