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Moving During Winter

We all know that the holidays are coming soon but what comes with it is the Winter season. It is the season where we all feel most comfortable at home, getting cozy up in the blankets by the heat and drinking some hot chocolate. But sometimes, life tells you that you must go, and you have no choice but to move.

If you think moving is difficult, then you will know that moving during winter is something of the next level. There are a lot of reasons why people prefer to move during the summer, but the weather is main the reason of it. Fortunately, moving during winter is not impossible.

Where to start?

First thing you want to make sure is that start packing the moment you know the moving date. This way you can take immediately advantage of the weather if it’s somewhat good.  Once you have that all set up, you must pave the way to your vehicle and be certain that you cleaned off the ice and snow because you wouldn’t want to be slipping while you’re carrying that precious 72-inch smart tv!

Say no to wearing big and heavy coats as you know you will be doing a lot of lifting. Instead, consider wearing several layers to keep yourself warm. This way, when you get too hot, you can just remove a layer and keep on lifting those boxes in the vehicle.

The most convenient option for you during your move is to hire a professional mover. Especially during the harsh winter months, moving could be dangerous. Professional movers are experienced individuals who know what they are doing, whether it be transferring your items to the vehicle or driving in the snow with a huge truck. They would be especially helpful for you especially in this time.

Mastodon Moving

Our company, Mastodon Moving, specializes on making your moving less difficult. Our services are all aimed to satisfy your moving needs and we care about your items as if its they are our own. If you happen to be moving this winter season, don’t hesitate and call us for an estimate!

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Decluttering 101

With holidays approaching, it’s a sure bet that we’ll all be adding to our belongings with presents from our loved ones. It’s the season of giving… and receiving, if we are being selfish. But then again, there is nothing wrong with appreciating those tiny little presents we want to keep forever. KEEP. FOREVER. Most of us, at some point in our lives, became hoarders of things. Ever since we were young, we were always saving things. Whether it was the hundreds of different stickers, all kinds of rocks, or those weird plastic charm bracelets.

Living on your own, it’s hard to see the nostalgia attached to items, you just see clutter! Unused clothes and bags, dusty boxes that you don’t even know what’s inside, paper and documents (might want to check those) lying around, the tiny presents you received from several holidays. These things pile up and one day you’ll just notice that you don’t even have space to walk anymore. If this is your situation, it is time to start decluttering.

Divide and Conquer!

First thing to do is to separate it by sections. Pick a section and focus on that one first. As you go through each object, ask yourself questions like “Have I used this for the past year?” or “Do I need this?” If the answer is no, then that thing must go!

Another thing you can do is to grab a trash bag and go through each section. In the trash bag, put things that you think can still be used by another person. Things like old clothes, old bags, or old books that have still life in it would do better in another person’s hands. This is a great way to organize your home little by little. It’s also a win-win for you and another person!

No Paper Trails!

Although we live in the digital age now, we still have paper mail. Mail tend to pile up especially if you don’t take care of it on the regular. As a start, go through all of it once and like before, organize them by type. Bills, invitations, credit card offers, whatever they may be, separate them and go through each pile one by one. Have a place in your house where you can keep the necessary bills, invitations, and others for future reference or opt for paperless!

The best thing to do after doing these steps is to commit to the routine. Make it a part of your day/week and this will help you maintain the cleanliness of your home. More than that, it will give you peace and a decluttered mind. Plus, you get to see your countertops again, right?

Storage Rentals

Following these steps are great but sometimes it’s just not enough. If things are still not looking good, there is always an option to rent a storage space where you can put the stuff you’ll use again but don’t need right now. Storage rentals are great because they allow you to have a clean and organized home while still being able to keep the things that you love.

Mastodon Moving offers storage rentals that feature plenty of room for all your belongings! All our units are under high security and climate controlled. If ever you decide to declutter, call us for our storage unit for the things you just cannot part with yet.

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North End Movers

Boston is unlike any other city in the nation as there are thousands of professionals and students moving in and out of the city each year. It doesn’t sound bad, but for it’s small size the amount of relocations in and out of Boston makes it difficult. Moving around the city with even a small amount of furniture can be a huge hassle, especially if you aren’t familiar with the streets. One can lead you to a dreadful rotary and the next will lead you to a dead end, and don’t even get us started on the dreading “Storrowing” of box trucks unlucky enough to make it onto Storrow Drive. Before leading up to your moving day, make sure to get important information that can affect your moving process such as traffic information or the weather, especially if you will be moving inside the city.

While your general route is important when planning you’ll move you’ll want to be conscious of other people moving around you, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have to move on September 1st.  Boston streets are narrow and crowded and you’ll want to be careful not to block others to avoid getting off on a bad foot with your neighbors. Another very “Boston” moving issue is narrow staircase. Be sure to do your due diligence when moving into a new apartment and measure everything you can. The last thing you’ll want is to have to get rid of your brand new couch just because it doesn’t fit up the staircase in your new building. Last but not least, you’ll want to be sure to get all of your parking permits for your origin and your destination so that you can avoid long walks or having to park on narrow, crowded streets. This is the cardinal rule for moving in Boston, and especially the North End as parking is a hassle is regular sized vehicles, let alone large trucks.

Sound like a lot? It is. But Mastodon Moving can help!

Our team of professional movers knows Boston by heart. Wherever your location is, rest assured that we will know the best route and traffic information prior to the moving day and we’ll even handle getting your parking permits so you don’t have to worry about them. We have well-prepared teams with the necessary equipment to move one home to another, no matter where they may be and if you have furniture that won’t be able to fit through the narrow doorways, we can find a way to hoist that thing up through a window. We also provide craning services for big furniture such as pianos. Lastly, Mastodon has a wide array of vehicles to use with moving. For places like the North End, we have medium-sized trucks that fit perfectly in the streets!

At Mastodon Moving, we’re here to help your moving easier! Request a moving estimate online or give us a call at 774-421-9004.