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Apartment Movers in Cambridge: What You Need to Know

It’s already July and Millennials are getting ready to gear up for another apartment move. The majority of the city’s college students and young professionals are situated in Cambridge, Mass which provides easy access into the city of Boston and colleges located in the area.

August and September are when most apartment leases are up in the Cambridge area, so this month is crucial when it comes to securing your next yearly lease as well as figuring out how you’re going to get everything from one apartment to the other.

Normally a move across town wouldn’t be so bad, but the month of August and September 1st (also known as Allston Christmas) sees the most moving activity in the Cambridge area. Our Cambridge moving company stresses that in order to reduce accidents in rental trucks and to save yourself some time, it’s easier to hire an apartment moving company.

Located North of Boston, the city of Cambridge is just as old and historic, which means it’s road system is old and historic as well. Our movers can easily navigate through side streets to get to your apartment’s front door. Narrow stairways and intricate hallways leading to your bedroom are best left to our professional movers. All you’ll need to do is, after you’ve requested a moving estimate, tell us a bit more about the layout of the house.

Don’t be the person who gets a parking ticket this summer because you weren’t aware of the street signs in front of your new place. Mastodon Moving’s three moving trucks have parking permits for the entire city of Cambridge and Boston.

Contact our movers in Cambridge today for all your apartment moving needs! Our team will reach out to you within 48 hours with a free estimate.

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