7 Reasons To Live in Brookline, MA

Brookline is the place to be these days for those who are looking to live close to a big city but still want to small-town vibes. The area is full of undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals and families. As a Boston moving company, we realize everyone is looking for an affordable area that’s easy to commute into the city. Brookline provides all of these things and more.

Here are a few of our biggest reasons why you should consider moving to Brookline this year:

  1. Small town vibe – Brookline is just outside of the bustling city life, providing you with a quiet and calmer side of life. This area is perfect for raising a family, walking your dog, and owning a car.
  2. The area is full of career oriented people. Brookline is home to many young people looking to expand or start their careers. With so many people in this area, there are many opportunities for fun and social outings.
  3. Local shops provide you with art unlike any other. Brookline is full of designers and artists, and due to this fact, there are many shops with one of a kind pieces in them.
  4. Walkability – The area has many things to walk to, and chances are, in your neighborhood you will find the same to be true. From coffee shops to pottery studios, you have much to explore and time to fill.
  5. Public transit is available – The Green line takes you to and from the city in a short amount of time. Off the green line, you can find many other opportunities for activities to fill your day. Newbury Street is nearby, as well as the Commons, often full of winter activities and ways to stay cool in the summertime.
  6. Restaurants – The restaurants in the area are excellent! They house chefs from all over the world, and provide you with a grab and go setting or an intimate sit down dinner.
  7. Colleges and Universities are abundant in this area. Even if you are not a college student, these schools provide many other opportunities like social outings and job opportunities.

If you aren’t convinced already, check out some housing options to get started! We can help you move in and out, whenever you’d like. Contact us today for more information!

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