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6 Things Moving Companies May Not Tell You

Moving is tough! There is a lot of footwork happening in your home or apartment, and your movers need your cooperation to complete the move efficiently. However, there are some things they wish they could tell you (as the person moving) to help them get their job done better.

  1. Research your moving company in Boston. The company you choose will be moving some of your pretty personal and sentimental things, and you should feel comfortable with them. Go to the company’s office and meet the team. After this meeting, you won’t be blindsided on moving day, and can relax somewhat.
  2. Plan Your Day. Try and research things so that your move can go smoothly. For example, if you are moving on a busy street, save a spot for the truck! Also – let your movers know beforehand if you have something that is particularly heavy, or will require an extra set of hands.
  3. Finish (and really finish) your packing before moving day. If you choose to pack your own boxes, make sure that your boxes are taped up, stacked and located in one room when your movers arrive. So many people hate taping boxes, but if you have your movers do this for you, it can take more time and effort that could be spent on moving boxes. Not into the whole packing and unpacking thing? Mastodon Moving LLC provides full service packing.
  4. Label your boxes with where they will go in your new home. This will help the movers to put the boxes in their correct spots, and will help you to remain organized.
  5. Similar to planning out your day, be sure to communicate what is valuable to your movers. This way, they can place extra care on certain things, and wrap pieces that are fragile.
  6. Don’t try to help! The one thing the movers need from you is to make sure that you give them room to work. With you in the way, or moving around a lot this can cause disorganization.

Contact our Boston moving company today for a free home moving estimate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving down the street, across town, or across the state, Mastodon Moving LLC is here to help make sure your move is a seamless transition for you and your family.

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