5 Things You Need to Know When Moving to Boston

As a Boston moving company, we like to think we know the area better than most. So, take it to heart when we say that these 5 tips about moving to Boston are imperative to successfully navigating and living in this city.

  1. Prepare to Walk. Boston is one of the most walk-able cities in the northeast. When in the downtown area, the major attractions are all within a few miles of each other. Stroll down the Freedom Trail or along the harbor for great views.
  2. Understand it’s a College Town. At Mastodon Moving LLC, part of our time is spent helping others move from one apartment to the next. Many colleges are in the Boston area and thus the rental market is thriving. However you’ll also find that young working professionals and small families love their apartments as well.
  3. Financial Capital. Boston is one of the country’s leading financial centers. Many professionals are moving to continue careers at places like Fidelity, State Street, Eaton Vance and others. We highly recommend settling down in the outskirts of the city such as in Wayland, Newton or Sudbury and commuting on the commuter rail.
  4. High Cost of Living. There’s something about living in a city that has an unusually high cost of living that makes more people want to flock to it. The downtown area is currently going through a population surge, and Mastodon Moving LLC can make sure all your belongings make if to their destination safely.
  5. Bostonian Personality. Many who are new to the city believe that we Bostonians are rough around the edges, or perhaps cold or unemotional. But we believe that weather makes us this way! Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation about one of our beloved local sports teams or the weather and we’ll be chatting up a storm.

Did we miss anything? Tell us what you believe people moving to Boston need to know before they arrive. Looking to move this season? Contact Mastodon Moving LLC for local or long distance moving services.

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