5 Reasons to Move to Somerville, MA

You’ve decided the city is where you want to spend the foreseeable future living. Little do some know, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg and live directly downtown to enjoy all the wonders of Boston. There are dozens of neighborhoods surrounding the downtown Boston area where you can get all the same experiences for an easier to swallow price tag.

Somerville, Massachusetts has been one of the ‘hotspots’ for younger people to move to in the past decade or so. Just a short 15 minute taxi or T ride away from downtown, Boston is only a stones throw away. But many residents of Somerville would argue that you don’t even need to leave the area as there is so much to do already! Below are just a few of the many reasons why a lot of people are calling Somerville one of the best places to move in Massachusetts.

  1. There is always something to do
    • Whether you enjoy catching a flick, going for a bike ride, shopping at the newest stores, or going out for a drink with friends- there’s always an abundance of things to do in Somerville on any given day. The various squares in Somerville house plenty to do in each respective area. The Somerville Theater in Davis Square is great to see either the latest blockbusters or that quirky indie flick your hipster friend told you about. Assembly Square (recently built) is home to a bunch of outlet stores and shops to get your shopping fix or buy some of the seasons hottest apparel. If you more of a barfly, Somerville has plenty of spots from well known, to tucked away quiet pubs- however the best way to find the perfect one for you is to try them all!
  2. Amazing food 
    • Piggybacking on the great nightlife are the amazing restaurants that Somerville is known for. With countless different types of cuisine, price points, and swankiness, there’s the perfect spot for just about everyone in the area. A few notable places are Rosebud’s Diner for some late night breakfast food or Redbone’s BBQ if you want some of the best in Boston.
  3. Rich history
    • Like most of New England, Somerville has a rich history dating all the way back to the Powder Alarm of 1774. This was of the uprisings that lead to the Revolutionary War! You can even still see the Old Powder House which stands right off Broadway and College Ave. Somerville is also home to over 83 different historic spots, all registered by the National Register. You can learn more at the Somerville Museum.
  4. Some of the most prestigious Universities in the world are here
    • Tufts, Harvard, MIT, BC, BU, Northeastern… need we say more? All within walking or a very short ride, Somerville and the surrounding areas are littered with the best Colleges and Universities in the country.
  5.  Great music 
    • If you love music (and come on, who doesn’t?) Somerville is home to the unique PorchFest music festival every year. So what is it? Basically local bands register to play all day on residents, you guessed it, porches- all across town. This is a great community event that allows you do get up and explore the town, meet your neighbors, and hear some great music!

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