5 Reasons to Move to Framingham

Incorporated in 1700, Framingham lies just within the boarders of the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Roughly 25 square miles, the town is home to over 68,000 people — all of whom love the city for a variety of reasons.

Our home moving company covers Framingham, and after conducting dozens of moves to the area we’ve come to realize why it’s such a sought after place to live these days.

Why Move to Framingham MA

  1. Affordable Housing. As one of the only cities in the state to meet the requirement of 10% for Massachusetts Chapter 40B Affordable Housing, Framingham serves as a great opportunity for young couples looking to purchase their first home and start a family. The city also consists of a large rental market — much higher than surrounding towns such as Natick or Ashland.
  2. Education Opportunities. Framingham boasts 14 public schools throughout the city. These schools include Framingham High School, a few middle schools and a handful of elementary schools. The large number of schools means more options for families and their children; there is rarely a need to send a child to another town for educational purposes due to the great selection of schools right here in town.
  3. Transportation Benefits. Located almost exactly between Boston and Worcester, the majority of the city’s residents either commute east or west along I-90. Not a big fan of sitting in traffic? No worries, there’s also the MBTA’s Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail Line that runs on a consistent daily schedule which will get passengers to where they need to go without dealing with traffic. Route 9, 30, 126 and 135 are also available to residents.
  4. Shopping Options. You’ve probably heard the “Golden Triangle” mentioned a few times. The Golden Triangle is a three square mile area operated by both Framingham and Natick that includes a variety of shopping plazas, retail stores and grocery chains. Get everything you need from stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Stop & Shop, Home Depot and Marshalls.
  5. Plenty of Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife. From Jack’s Abby Brewing and Framingham Beer Works to RR6 Kitchen & Bar and Pho Dakao, Framingham is a great place for a wide variety of foods and libations. What’s great about heading out into downtown Framingham is that you won’t have to deal with restaurant and bar crowds as you might while in the city of Boston!

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