4 Things to Do Right After Moving In

When you have a big move coming up, it’s nigh impossible to see past the move itself. On top of working and maintaining a job, you must make sure everything is lined up for when you change residences. It can be a lot to take on depending on how many possessions you have, and maybe at times just a bit overwhelming. So, when everything is said and done and you’ve moved into your new home, what do you do? Do you sit down on the couch and take in your new surroundings, dirty up the kitchen a little bit, or take a shower in your new bathroom? You can certainly do all of those things if you wish, or you can take a look at 4 things we suggest you do right after moving in.

1.) Take Pictures

Snapping photographs of empty rooms likely doesn’t sound very exciting, but it is something you should be doing shortly after moving in. This rings especially true if you are renting the property because the photos you take could be essential to getting your security deposit back. This doesn’t only apply to renters, either. If you purchased the home, photos are equally important because a decent amount of time might have passed from when the home was inspected to when you moved in. Any damage that occurred in between that time, such as scratches on the floor left by the previous families moving company, should be documented. Having these pictures could prove invaluable down the road should you need to point out any damage you did not cause.

2.) Change the Locks

Not to make you paranoid or anything, but it’s hard to know who the previous residents gave keys to while they lived there. While everything would likely be fine, you don’t want to spend time in your new home worrying if people unknown to you have access to it. For your own peace of mind, and general safety of your home and belongings, swap out the locks soon after moving in. It is perhaps one of the most important things you can do when settling into your new home.

3.) Register Your Car

If you have moved to a new state, you’ll need to register your vehicle within 60 days of arriving at your new residence. Each state has mildly varied rules when it comes to registering your vehicle in time, but if you miss the window the penalties can be severe. They range anywhere from having to pay fines to having your car impounded. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to get a new driver’s license within 30 days of moving too.

4.) Paint

Few people find homes where every room is a color they enjoy. You can change paint color but you can’t change the bones of the house. So, try and paint as soon as you recover from the move. The more time you put it off, the more your house will fill up with unpacked items and you’ll reach a point where it’s tough to paint. No one wants to move heavy furniture around while trying to add color to their walls. If you take advantage of painting right after moving in, you’ll have little to no obstructions in your way.

There are likely a few other things you can do right after moving in, but we consider these to be pretty important. Remember to document your home before taking out your furniture and change the locks to set your mind at ease and you’ll be good. For all of your moving needs, contact Mastodon Moving! Call us at 774-421-9004, or fill out our online contact form!

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