4 Common Moving Scams

With millions of people moving every year, there are a whole bunch of moving experiences to be shared. Some went swimmingly, others had a few complaints, and then there are those that ended up being a complete nightmare. After all, there are bound to be several bad eggs when the number of yearly moves reaches into the millions. The key to avoiding a moving disaster starts before moving day, however. It begins when you hire your moving company. If you do your homework and know what to look out for, you’ll likely be fine. If you don’t, things can get dicey. Here are 4 common moving scams to avoid:

1.) Over-the-Phone Estimates

If you think the estimate you received over the phone was legitimate, think again. Sometimes quotes given over the phone cannot be trusted, and bad moving companies aren’t likely to send an estimator to your house in advance. It’s in your best interest to meet with the moving company in person before making your decision. Besides, the price you’re charged is often based on the weight of your items, which is something that cannot be determined if you’re given an estimate over the phone. To avoid an unsavory situation, obtain at least three in-home written estimates before choosing which moving company to go with.

2.) A Physical Location

This might seem a bit obvious, but people can be easily fooled online. When researching a moving company, be sure to confirm the company you’re looking into has a phone number and street address clearly posted to their website. If an online contact form is the only way for you to get in touch with the company, you should most definitely be looking elsewhere.

3.) Lost Items

There’s always the chance that a member or two of your hired moving crew might get a bit handsy with your valuable items. One member shouldn’t shine a bad light on the entire crew, but the fact your items can be stolen should be on your mind. In order to eliminate any potential headaches, you should consider purchasing full value protection from your mover. This way, anything that was either lost or damaged will be replaced.

4.) Added On Charges

If your moving company honors the quoted amount for moving your belongings, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t try to find other ways to hike up the final price. For example, they could try and charge you a hefty price for moving supplies like bubble wrap and packing tape. To keep this from happening, you have to understand the quotes given to you by your moving company. You’ll likely receive two estimates, one that covers the cost to move your belongings and another that quotes the packing materials required.

These are just a few of the potential scams to be aware of when gearing up for a big move. Do your research on some others as well, so you’ll feel completely scam proof when hiring a company. Keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine. Happy moving!


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