3 Tips for Fall Moving

So, it’s finally time to move out of your current place and into a new one. Regardless of whether your current digs happen to be an apartment you live in alone, an apartment you live in with roommates, or your parents’ house, some congratulations are in order. After all, most moves are relatively exciting! An added benefit to moving now is that autumn is here too, and the season brings more than its fair share of perks with it. Before you know it, the move in date will be breathing down your neck, so take advantage of these fall moving tips.

1.) Declutter from Summer

You likely have an assortment of clothing, beach gear, swimwear, outdoor furniture, and other seasonal items that probably won’t make it to next summer. Instead of having these items take up space in your moving truck, opt to discard or donate them. This not only helps you declutter, but it also allows you to give the items to those who could make better use of them.

2.) Take Advantage of Lower Moving Costs

Moving in the fall means luck is on your side, at least in terms of cost. Compared to other seasons, especially summer, moving in the fall is a lot more affordable. The summer is a mad dash for prospective movers, and prices for moving companies are usually through the roof once warm weather comes along. Regardless of whether you just need to rent a truck or hire a full moving team, you’re going to have a lot more wiggle room to negotiate moving estimates and bids. Do some research into price comparisons between summer and fall, and take some time to shop around movers to secure yourself the best deal.

3.) Put Down Plastic

Moving in the fall is lovely, but it can get messy sometimes. So, be sure to lay down some plastic to keep your new digs safe from the wet leaves, dirt, and mud that can get tracked into your home during the move. This can help ensure you’ll get your security deposit back, and keep you from having to do extra scrubbing and cleaning once all the boxes are in and everyone is gone. If the movers happen to get to your new residence before you do, tell them to wait for you so you can lay plastic down before the move truly gets going.

We can understand the want to move out in the summer. The weather is beautiful and it gives you an excuse to keep going outdoors. But, what you likely didn’t know before reading this blog, fall is the best time to move! It’s cheaper and more easily managed, just be sure to utilize our tips. If you can do that, you’re in for a golden move. If you require a bit more help, get in touch with us here at Mastodon Moving! Call us at 774-421-9004, or fill out an online contact form.

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