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3 Reasons to Move to the Suburbs

Deciding to move is an exciting experience, but sometimes picking the right place to move to within an area is challenging. Do you choose inner city, rural countryside, or suburbs?

For those moving to the Boston area, it’s the suburbs that people are flocking to these days. Here are the three main reasons why the Boston suburbs are in high demand.

  1. More Space. For young couples looking to start a family, or perhaps expand upon their family, the Boston suburbs are the place to be. Places such as Wayland, Sudbury and Newton MA still keep the New England charm while ditching the New England pint-sized properties in the city. Be prepared to get more square footage for your money as well as off-street parking!
  2. Better Education. It’s a known fact that the most successful and academically challenging grade schools are located in the suburbs, so why not give your children the best education by moving to the suburbs of Boston? Such schools as Lexington High School, Weston High School and both Newton High Schools all consistently rank among the top schools in the state.
  3. Safe & Private Surroundings. In suburban neighborhoods, neighbors watch out for one another. Tight-knit communities will always be there for their fellow locals. Although there is an advantage of hiding within a crowd of people in a city, Boston suburbs are private in their own respect. Long, winding driveways and full grown trees and shrubs afford privacy and decrease noise pollution so you and your family can relax.

At Mastodon Moving LLC, our professional full service moving company is familiar with the surrounding suburbs and believes you and your family will find living in these areas a relaxing experience compared to the bustling city of Boston. It’s time to improve quality of life with less traffic, crime and crowding. Contact our moving company at 774-421-9004 to schedule your moving date today!

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