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3 Pointers for Packing Quickly

If we could, all of us would move residences under the most perfect of circumstances. No rushing, no complications, and no stress would result in, perhaps, the most perfect move ever. Unfortunately, life typically isn’t so kind. Sometimes, moving out is forced upon you or you’re working with an incredibly short timeline. Packing, being perhaps the most grueling part of the process, typically occupies enough time right up until moving day. If you must move out fast, however, you’re going to have to pack fast too. Below are a few pointers to help you complete the packing process in no time.

1.) Know Where to Start

Knowing you have to move out quickly should light a fire under you in terms of the speed at which you pack. To keep things moving at a good clip, tackle the toughest job first. Once the most time-consuming task is taken care of, you’ll find yourself with enough time for the smaller tasks. Random, or non-structured, packing will only lead to wasted time, which is definitely something you’re trying to avoid. Storage areas like attics, basements, and garages can be the toughest to tackle. If you can get those rooms out of the way first thing, you’ll be sitting pretty…for the most part.

2.) Prepare Packing Materials

To pack quickly, you’re going to need the proper materials. It’s best to have your materials prepared prior to packing in order to maintain a speedy pace. Having to interrupt the packing process to acquire more materials is a nuisance and adds to the overall timeline. So, to avoid that, gather up plenty of cardboard boxes. New packing boxes, however, can be costly. To save yourself both time and money, reach out to friends and co-workers to see if they have any cardboard boxes to spare. Social networks can be incredibly powerful in situations like these! For packing paper, brand new white packing paper is ideal for delicate items. To fill dead space in your boxes, utilize newspaper. To keep items super safe, bubble wrap is your best friend. If you run out of bubble wrap, though, you can always utilize old clothes to keep possessions stable.

3.) Pack Safely

When packing quickly, you’re also going to want to pack safely. Both can be done in unison, but people tend to get a little sloppy when they are seriously crunched for time. If you don’t pack safely, you’re putting your belongings at serious risk for damage. So, to avoid some big headaches, remember the following: don’t get cheap with your packing materials, double tape the bottoms and sides of your boxes, don’t pack the boxes too heavy, remember to put bubble wrap on the bottom of the boxes containing your most delicate items, and always remember to close the lids of your boxes and tape them shut.

Packing under non-ideal circumstances can certainly seem impossible, but it isn’t. As long as you keep on track, remain focused, and prepare your materials prior to packing, you should be all set to tackle packing fast. If you’re truly in over your head and require a few helping hands, get in touch with us at 774-421-9004 or fill out our online contact form!

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