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2018’s Interior Design Trends

Planning on moving soon or doing a major remodel to your current home? Both situations are the perfect opportunity to start fresh with your interior. If you’re looking to have a more modern appearance for your home, here are a few hot trends that we think you’ll love.

Must-Have Home Design Features

Neutral, Relaxing, & Soft Colors. As far as wall color is concerned, it’s still all about the gray tones, but many homeowners are mixing things up by also complementing their neutral wall color with warm beige and browns to mix things up a bit. Adding hints of blue-green or dusty rose colors are also a great focal point.

Gold Accents for Any Room. Gold is still in and always looks great against neutral tones; it’s eye-catching and sophisticated without being overly showy. Mastodon Moving has seen a lot of gold accents in bathrooms, living areas and kitchens. Interior designers that we work with have often stressed gold hardware or accent pieces such as vases or picture frames.living-room-2732939_640

Natural Themes. If edgy gold accents and dark hardwood flooring and cabinets aren’t your style, then the soft, organic look may be more to your liking. Homeowners are often gravitating towards spectacular indoor plants in neutral-colored vases as well as unfinished or distressed wood furniture. This will provide a sense of relaxation for you and the family while keeping your space more casual in appearance.

Ready to make a major upgrade to your existing home or ready to start fresh in your new home? Contact Mastodon Moving today and we’ll get you in touch with a local interior designer in the Boston area. We can also provide in-home moving services and staging services as well as home moving. Get your free estimate and an interior designer recommendation today!

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