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10 Essential Household Cleaning Products

Are you planning on moving to a new Boston apartment this summer? Or perhaps you’re a first time homeowner and aren’t sure what to do once you’ve been handed the keys. First things first (and especially if you’re an apartment renter), you’ll need to arm yourself with these 10 essential home cleaning products.

  1. Container. Okay so this isn’t exactly a cleaning product, but a small storage container is ideal for holding all of your cleaning product necessities. You can easily purchase one at Target, Walmart of Home Goods.
  2. Windex. Every home has windows, and therefore you’ll need a reliable window cleaner with a proven track record.
  3. Method. This all-purpose cleaning product is made from natural-based ingredients and no matter which one you purchase, they all smell great.
  4. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Surface Scrub. Don’t want all the harsh chemicals in your home? This natural house cleaning product is great for homeowners with kids and pets.
  5. Dustpan. Sure you could spend a few hundred bucks on a high-end vacuum cleaner, but for apartment owners or homeowners with hardwood or tile flooring, a dustpan and broom is where it’s at. It’s easy and it won’t rack up your electric bill!
  6. Toilet brush… and plunger. These are two essential products you’ll want to purchase before you actually need them. Trust us.
  7. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. A sloppy moving job (something you won’t get from Mastodon Moving) will sometimes lead to scuffed floors and walls. If this happens, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser is the product that will get rid of those scuffs. Just keep in mind that it won’t fix big dents and gauges.
  8. Swiffer. Along with a broom and dust-pan, the Swiffer has become a household staple cleaning product for those with non-carpeted floors. Swiffers are lightweight, portable, affordable and easy to use — what’s not to love.
  9. Sponges. Have you just moved into a previously owned home or previously lived-in apartment? We recommend purchasing a bulk supply of kitchen sponges and get ready to put some elbow grease into deep cleaning the rooms. Sponges are a much better option than rags as they can be rung dry quickly and have an abrasive side for grime and sticky spots.
  10. Dawn Dish Soap. Your first night in your new place will probably consist of pizza or some other form of takeout, but don’t forget that you’ll eventually be cooking homemade meals — and for that you’ll want Dawn. It’s tough on stains and gentle on the skin.

Do you have a go-to essential cleaning item list? We’d love to hear what’s on it! Leave a comment below and let us know.

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